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Green tea, cherry and almond notes. Organic

Hunami, or the contemplation of cherry blossoms, is considered a philosophical activity in Japan. It promotes ephemeral beauty and announces the arrival of spring.

Discover our selection of small
pleasures delicately scented with flowers,
which accompany wonderfully the days which illuminate!

Tea flowers, rose and jasmine - 7g

2,50€ / unit

A product of excellence, the jasmine and rose tea flower is an assembly of dried flowers arranged in the heart of the tea leaves (imperial buds) that surround it.

from 10,00€ the 100g

A blend of green and black teas, natural flavors of peach and vanilla.

from 69€ the 175g

Exceptional green tea with jasmine rolled in pearls

from 11€ the 100g

Green tea, raspberries, citrus, rosebuds and nettle leaf

from 12€ the 75g

White raspberry tea, petals and rosebuds

Collections of small pleasures

from 9€ the 100g

French Lounge, black tea, fruits, flowers and vanilla


Eco-responsible mango wood box containing 4 miniature tea boxes with healing properties

from 10€ the 100g

Green tea, grapefruit and orange flower


Green cup and wooden saucer, 250ml, signed Human & Tea

"Happiness is a little thing that you nibble on, sitting in the sun"

- Jean Giraudoux


Theine-free fruit waters, pillowcases and rooibos are not only delicious as a hot brew, but can also be enjoyed as a refreshing drink. These high quality blends offer a versatile taste experience suitable for any occasion. Discover unique fruit and herbal flavors.

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Tea jelly 240g 8 - French only
Jasmine, red fruit or bergamot
Glass and wood teapot 34€.
Sold with its infuser
Glass and wood mug 14€.
"Life is better with tea"

Human & Tea welcomes you to its stores in Lyon and Paris for an immersive experience in the world of tea. Come smell and discover more than a hundred teas and infusions, mostly organic, under the expert guidance of our team. 

27 rue de Saintonge, 75003, Paris
23 rue Sainte-Hélène, 69002, Lyon
11 rue des quatre chapeaux, 69002, Lyon

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Free delivery from 30€ onwards in a parcel relay and 60€ for home delivery.
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